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So there is this one guy I met online. He is 21 and i am 18. We have known each other for half a year. We actually meet in person by the second month and well we've been doing the deed, getting dirty, doing the frickle frackle, whatever you want to call it. This has been going on for five months. Every few weeks, we "hangout" as he refers and we talk about the randomest stuff ever. We sometimes get a bit personal. Nevertheless, we always end up doing the same thing. He has said he loves me like twice throughout this time [yes I said it back]. We have held hands, I have met his family (and he refered me as his friend, js), and we text each other as often as we can. As of right now, we are kind of drifting apart but we still try to hangout. I want to ask him about our "relationship status". Honestly, the only reason why is because I'm afraid that I might end up falling in love with him and then finding out he just wants us to be something along the lines of friends with benefits. You get me? Anyways, firstly is it okay if I ask him? Should I and if so, how?


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  • Just ask... " hey, I have been wondering. What are exactly?"


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  • Yes you've been together for long enough. Just say it, what do you want? Tell him you want a relationship or whatever ya want. Ask are we in a relationship or is this friends with benefits thing?

  • say something, if you're drifting apart anyway what have you got to lose

    i am 20, i have regrets from being in situations like this

    you could say--is it strange that we're just friends who love each other?
    or do you see a future with us?
    or what do you consider me as?

    it might be awkward but he will be happy you asked the hard questions since he's probably wondering the same thing