What type of guys can't afford to have standards? Are they fucked?

I only attract big women . I'm not big I'm 5'8 158 pounds I tried in my 20's to date them, but I always feel ashamed and didn't want to be seen in public with them nor did I want anyone to know I was involved with them. I tried to make myself believe that physical attraction didn't matter and personality did so I would date them, but Ialways felt wrong so now I'm in my 30's and now I refuse to date anyone I'm not physically attracted to as well as personality and compatibility. I've been alone eversince because the women I'm attracted to and could see myself with aren't attracted to me and I still continue to attract women I'm not attracted to So am I fucked? I won't date any woman I'm not truly attracted to because that would be misleading.

Also the women i'm attracted to are not beauty queens, models, etc. Just average looking non fat women. Don't judge for my preference because I would never judge anyone for theirs.


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  • I assume you mean overweight women when you say big? Would you be attracted to a girl taller than you?
    Anyway, I agree with you that you shouldn't lower your standards as it is misleading and if you feel ashamed you shouldn't be dating that person.

    • Yes I mean overweight. What type of guy can't afford to have standards? Are they fucked?

    • I think it is definitely harder for some guys than others... but I believe there is someone out there for eveyone, it's just a matter of finding them (needle in a haystack perhaps).
      by the way, I've liked a few guys your height - including the guy I like now... I'm taller than him.

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  • I have the same issue. Damn, i hope i'm not fucked. I refuse to lower my standard. Been there, done that.

  • You're fucked basically.


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