I feel foolish. I don't think he likes me hey?

I don't understand... I'm so frustrated and confused and disappointed...
None of this ads up or makes sense..
Met him through a guy I work with... It's his mate...
Like he told his mate he thought I was hot... I thought the same... I added him on Facebook... He replies to my msgs straight away... Responses are quite short tho... I asked him if he wanted to catch up from a drink... He said later but not at the moment coz he just went through a messy breKup (which is true)...

A few weeks later He matched with me on tinder... Same thing there... He replies but never initiates anything... if he wasn't interested he wouldn't reply... But then he didn't wanna go out with me... I'm so confused! Does he just not like me? Also, 2 days ago he requested to flow me on Instagram...

And today I posted a video on his video post from yesterday (the topics were related)... I didn't even get a 'like' back from him!

should I just delete him and forget I ever met him?


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  • I'm sorry your going through this it sucks- trust me I know! Sounds like he is either not ready to see someone who he is attracted to yet, or he has options and since he doesn't really know you he's exploring his options. The latter is usually the frustration that guys often face- girls usually have many options so it becomes a lottery as to if she will go with you or someone else. The scales are usually tipped with proximity or luck. If you can spend a little more time close to him (hanging out with friends) he may start to see what makes you stand out and become more interested.


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  • He's probably talking to other girls as well...