Best friend, but wanting something more?

This may be a long one, so bear with me...

Last year I became friends with a new group of people who quickly became my second 'family' because we hung out so much. Within that group was a guy who I really liked. We became good friends because we're very alike and go to the same uni. While out one night with the group, and slightly drunk, we made out. This happened again a few weeks later. After the second time, we began to talk about the fact that we kind of like each other.

Problem: he thought it was dangerous to enter into anything because we were in a group of such close knit friends. I was scared of being hurt so I ended up telling him that maybe it was better off if we didn't go out then.

Fast forward to this year and we're closer than ever, now going to coffee, dinner or drinks just the two of us every Wednesday (it's out 'tradition'), as well as seeing each other on weekends with the group. I would consider him my closest male friend, and I think he finds me the closest female friend he has because we discuss a lot of deep topics and really enjoy each other's company.

New problem: hanging out with him so much has made me realise that I'm still deeply in 'like' with him. I can usually tell when someone likes me. I THINK he still likes me, judging by his behaviour and the fact that we almost made out again the other night before we both kind of stopped and said 'this is a bad idea'.

My question is: is it possible for him to like me after so long? Do you think he will be open to exploring the possibility of us going out? Is there any way to phrase the fact that I think it's silly of us NOT to try? Thanks for the advice.


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  • Well it sounds to me like you really like this guy and in my opinion if he isn't dating anybody, then ask him if he is interested in anybody. Tell him to be honest.


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  • It is possible for him to be attracted to you after so long. As for what he is thinking, I have no idea. You can tell him the truth. You can tell him that you want to give it a try because you have a great chemistry and there is a possibility of your relationship evolving into something great.


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  • It's silly not to try I think. There's obviously a connection. Maybe he's your soul mate.

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