Simple question, known a new girl on the first day?

I met this woman after work, she's pretty.
while we were walking down the stairs, I asked for her name, she asked me too,
asking some basic questions, back and forth, where do i live, studied what (this may seem like ''friendly'' OR maybe she's interested at me.)
However, when she got to go (seem hurry but not super nervous response), i quickly asked her when she's free for a dinner, she replied, anytime, then i put her number into my phone. She also say to mention who am i when i texting her.
A day went by, texted her, no response for few hours.
Should I call her?
Is she interested?

I put her number on facebook, found her account. She seems like having a boyfriend from the cover photo shown.
I don't wanna complicate things, just wanna go with the flow.


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  • if she has a boyfriend better 4get her bro :)


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  • Call her after two days or so.


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