Do I just keep going with the flow or say something?

We broke up 8 months ago have become good friends and now had sex again. We met, dated for about 2 months, he wanted to slow down and not get serious as he just got out of a relationship where the girl was cheating on him. We remained friends for the last months with serious flirting all the time and we would have coffee and meet up once in awhile and do things together. Recently he even asked for my help with some legal documents he had to prepare. We then just got together last weekend and had sex for the first time since we stopped dating last fall.

This past week we have kept in touch and on Friday for my birthday he sent me all kinds of sweet messages with "xoxox" in the messages.

I believe he does have feelings for me and have always thought that. I adore him tremendously.

I feel now though, we are in that "gray area". What are we? Friends? Dating. I don't know. I have been dating other guys. I don't tell him, too much about it, but he knows I had not been with anyone sexually since him. I did have a guy friend come visit me from out of town, and he must have sensed it because one day out of the blue he said he wanted to come to take me to lunch. He lives 100 miles from where I do so that was very odd that he wanted to ride up to where I live just to take me to lunch. I could not do it that day.

I do not know what to think or do at this point? Just continue to see how it unfolds? Say something? If so, what? He knows I like him a lot, he has to.

It is a little bit hard because we live 100 miles apart, but I don't mind the drive and it seems like we find ways to connect.

I know we will have sex again. I just don't know what to think. I had told him a long time ago when we started flirting that I don't sleep with my friends because it just never works out. I don't know if I need to remind him of this, or just see how things go.

I did meet a new guy a week ago I am interested in getting to know, I want to go out with him, and I think I will, (no sex) but just to date him.

Help.! We have been taking it very slowww. But I know I have a lot of feelings for this guy.

My dilemma is do I just keep going with the flow or say something? Try to figure out what we are? Or should I care?


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  • You met a guy who you dated for only 2 months, after 2 months, you break it off because he had just gotten out of a relationship. Sounds like all you do when you hook up is have sex, is there anything else happening, like conversation, do you cuddle, do you ever hook up and NOT have sex, it seems like feelings have no place in the your thing with him, all you do is have sex. Sex is never enough. You'll probably have sex again (as you stated) because that's all he seems to want from you, are you okay with that? This new guy you meant a week ago, how could you possibly have feelings for him? Well don't you want to know if this (new one) has any feelings for you? All you have to do is see, how much fun, or quiet (alone time) time you can have with this guy WITHOUT having sex with him, and see how long he contacts you , let's say after (90) days, hold out, (on the sex), you'll find that this guy may feel he has a girl who isn't "easy'. He may actually like you.

    • I guess I should have went into more detail. I have seen many times since we broke up and this was the first time we had sex. We have done things with my child, met at at tattoo show, had coffee things like that, we have definitely hung out many times w/o having sex until last weekend. I do not have feelings for this new guy because I just met him.

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