Ladies can you help me please?

Okay soo look, me and my ex broke over 5 years ago and we haven't spoken in like 4 years. I woke up this morning to a text message from her.

but the question is, if you missed your ex how do you react if he's no longer single? Do you chase him and try taking him from his girlfriend or do you just try being a friend?

and what if he is single, do you chase him or try to be a friend?

  • If he's single I'd try getting him back
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  • If he's taken I'll still try getting him back
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  • If he's single I'll try being a friend
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  • If he's taken ill still try being a friend
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  • If I cared for him and he's single, I'd try to get him back. But if he's taken, I wouldn't mess up his relationship. If he wants to be friends first, I'm fine with that.


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  • Personally, if i was the one who initiated the break, and he's still single after all these years, i'll try finding out if he's interested in me by hanging out w him, texting etc. As for being friends with an ex? Its a no for me.
    No point trying for him if he's taken tho. Guys who are taken and ditch their gurls for another will usually do smth similar later on.

    • You make a good point

  • I think it would depend on why we broke up in the first place, The only way I would consider re-initiating was if it was a timing/distance issue with the two of us, as opposed to him not valuing me/cheating/whatever triggered the breakup. It also would depend on whether or not we had been friends first before dating, and then not speaking for a long time, as well as the duration of our relationship.

    Essentially, it's all relative.

    Me personally? If he's taken, I wouldn't try anything. I don't play that game. If he's single and we are both in the same area, didn't have a reason beyond location/timing to not be together (and had nothing to do with him as a person), yeah, I'd reach out. At the very least for a casual lunch/tea/coffee to catch up and gauge if a) there's still an attraction, b) if he's interested, and c) if it would be worth it.

  • what exactly did she text you?

    • Well, she actually told me she wanted to have sex with me and that its all she thinks about. And asked when can I go see her

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    • I feel like I just relapsed on drugs or some shit

    • Life is a bitch!! It's funny how the people we desire affection, touch, acknowledgment, love, from the most treat us like shit... Like a piece of fhckin road kill

  • I don't think being a friend with your ex is not a good idea. It never ends well. Especially, if one of you is taken now. If you love your current girlfriend, let your ex be.
    Couple years ago I found myself in a situation where my ex was already seeing another girl. We didn't end the first relationship on good terms. One day I felt lonely and at that time I thought it was a good idea to text him. We ended up back together really soon.
    If I could do it all over again I wouldn't write him. It was a really stupid thing to do.
    He broke up that girl's heart, because he wanted to get back with me. Two month later I broke up with him. The guy was a jerk. The thing I most regret though, is that an innocent girl got hurt in the process.

    • Damn I'm sorry things ended like that, do you think people can change? Maybe you could r changed him and stopped him from being such a jerk to you

    • I think a person can change, but I think most people don't. I don't know. I think I was just unlucky to find that guy in the first place. But this is about you. I think that you should not stay in touch with your ex. If you must do it, I think you should least have strict boundaries.

    • Painful decision to make but I know your words are correct