Got asked out to high school senior graduation dance party, should I accept?

Ok so this morning when I was at the gym a young kid about 17 years old appoarched me and said "sorry I don't mean to bother you but you are hands down one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life and I just wanted to tell you that" I told him thanks and then he asked me if I could take a pic with him (I was wearing leggings and a training bra) and I told him "of course! I'm flattered!" So then after the pic he leaves me to continue my workout, about 25 minutes later he catches me at the front desk while I'm checking out to leave, and he says "oh hey, I just knew if I didn't ask you this right now I would probably never see you again, but would you please be my date to my high school graduation party in two weeks? " I was completely floored, I was speechless for a moment and said "uhhhhhhhhh really? Me? Ummmmm sure. But I need to think about it I'm married." We exchanged phone numbers and I promised him I would get back to him with an answer in about 3 days. He told me "ok, if you say yes I wanna take you dress shopping and shoe shopping, get ur hair done and nails done ok" I told him "if I say yes I want none of that, that sounds really pricy for a young kid like you, and I'm not gonna let you spoil me like that, I will give you a call in a few days ok" what should I do?

Keep in mind I'm gonna talk this over with my husband, he's not really the jealous type but I don't know how he will react to this
Ok folks so after about an hour I have made up my mind without even speaking to my husband about it, I'm not going for 3 reasons:
1. I'm old enough to be this kids mother
2. I don't wanna be surrounded by a lot of teens, plus sounds really awkward
3. I don't wanna be known as a girl that did this


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  • You're grown woman with two kids (one kid that is 14 years old), almost the same age as the kid that asked you out.
    They could be friends!
    Better yet, this kid could practically be your kid (if you were to be a teen Mom).

    You cannot be serious.
    You are almost half his age at this point.
    He's a young kid and his mind isn't even fully developed.
    Why even think about taking advantage of a 14 year old? Someone who just got out of junior high.

    • When I say taking advantage, I am referring to the fact that he pretty much offered to be your Sugar Daddy.

      In your case, he'd be a Sugar Boy.

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    • Thanks gurl :)

    • Ur welcome

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  • Don't do it!

  • what exactly is "high school graduation party"?

  • if u r married better not...

  • Up until he said "i wanna take you shoe shopping, manicuring, hair done and who knows what else.." everything was fine. Although the kid has guts, say no.

    • Dude this kid has balls! That's why I don't just wanna reject him all crazy

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    • It is your choice, of course :) I just really think this man deserves a straight answer.

  • You should say no. You're married for God's sake, since when it's okay for married people to go on a date with other people.

  • Well... you sound like you want to go, so go.

    • Well I'm just really flattered and on cloud nine at the moment because this happened haha but I don't know if I want to be surrounded by a bunch of teens lol

    • It would be an experience.

    • It would be I don't think I'm gonna do it

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