Why would he say he likes me then completely ignore me?

So I started talking to this guy on tinder about a month ago. Our first date we ate some food and went to a bar after, where we both got tipsy. I had plans afterwards and he wanted to come with me to a friends party and I said no. He texted me saying that he wants to see me again. A week later he invited me over to cook for me and I said no because I didn't feel like it. I hadn't heard from him after so I texted him last week to watch a game at a bar by our jobs and he said just come over because I'm watching it at my house. I was annoyed at this point because he kept inviting me over instead of wanting to go out so I asked him straight up if he wanted to have sex. He said he finds me attractive and would be open to it but that we didn't have to if I was uncomfortable so I said I find him attractive too but I want to get to know him more. He complimented me and said I am attractive and funny with a big personality and that he likes it. I go over to his house and we just watched the game and drank a few beers and he was asking me a million questions about myself which was cool. He said that he wanted to go hiking with me on Saturday and wanted to tag a long with me and my friends on Sunday to go rafting then invited me to Vegas for his birthday on June 30. Later on we made out and he was supposed to drop me off but I could tell he was pretty tipsy so I just took a cab. He texted me the minute after I left his house and said he can't wait to see me this weekend and really likes me. Saturday comes around and I don't hear anything from him, so I made other plans. I was so annoyed so I ended up texting him Sunday night and asked him what's he up to etc and he said he's busy with work and asked me how rafting was. I said it was nice and that I wish I was able to see him this weekend. He didn't reply.

what gives with this guy? Is it just me or does this seem strange?


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  • He's a jerk. No other explanations needed.


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  • maybe he wants u 2 chase him back?

    • If he likes me why would he want me to chase him?

    • 2 see if u r interested as well maybe?

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  • It is strange. He probably feels it's to much work to get you and is giving up. Guys have done that to me as well. They make future plans with me and yada yada but when I refuse there sexual advances they slowly start to disappear.

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