Did she want me to come into her room?

I've been casually seeing this girl at college for the entirety of the semester. It was never serious. We've slept in the same bed together a few times, but we've never kissed (except once when we were both drunk and then kind of forgot about it). We each have significant others back in our hometowns that we solemnly never bring up when we spend time together, so we've never taken the next step, even though it's clear to pretty much all of our friends that we're sweet on each other.

Anyway, the last day before I was leaving to go back home, I wrote her a handwritten letter just explaining how much she means to me and the backstory as to why she means so much. I went to her room at 3:00 in the morning to give her this letter. When I knocked on her door, she came out of her room to greet me with this giant, adorable, beaming smile on her face. We talked briefly, I gave her the letter, she hugged me, and I left.

But now I wonder if I should have stayed. I don't know. Assuming she looked through the peephole and realized it was me, she wouldn't know that I had the letter with me. At that point, all she knows is that I'm standing outside her room at 3:00 in the morning, having just woken her up, and she comes out to greet me with this really huge and adorable smile.

It would have been cheating had I done it, but I keep wondering if I should've invited myself in. Can't go back considering I'm back at home now, but... I'm still wondering...


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  • I think you are still cheating... Emotionally perhaps?

    And yeah, she probably thought you were gonna stay


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  • In my opinion you two are already cheating on your significant others.


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  • at 3 AM and smilin? was she asleep?

    • I think so. The room was dark and she had noticeable "bed head". So either asleep or trying to fall asleep