I really DO NOT want to get sick.

Here's the problem

I'm in a long distance relationship at the moment

and when I mean long I mean inter-state... Yeah... I know.

but I'm kinda in love =D so its worth it.

anyway, the girlfriend is really sick.. has glandular fever, for those

who don't no what it is, its like the flu except A LOT worse

and you stay sick for around 2-5 WEEKS.

the worst thing about it is how its passed around, its only

spreadable through kissing... how ironic for me...huh?

she is coming down when she gets better and spending 2 weeks with me ;)

the point is the virus will still be in her system and I can't catch

it... And I really DO NOT want to get sick for 2-5 weeks..

Christmas, new years eve, AND my birthday is coming up!

I CANT GET SICK! but I haven't seen her in weeks and I miss her

so much =(

i don't no what to do.. I have this thing in my head saying

i don't care if I get sick I just wanna see her.. but..omg

help please :(

problem solved =]


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  • if you really miss her then just keep ur body strong, eat healthy and exersise. then ur imune system will me strong. I do this on a daily basis and when my friend had swine flu I shared a drink with him and never got it, and swine is very contagious. anyway since its long distance you should cherish every moment with her

    • Hmm.. never thought of it that way.. ill do that, thanks! =D

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  • quit being a dirtball and go meet a regular girl

  • if you're that worried then don't kiss her on the mouth. hug her and do the stuff you normally would just kiss her on the forehead or something

    • Yeah.. I was thinking that too.. but its too hard for us to do that =P