How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend after a date/ going out to dinner?

So there's a girl im taking to dinner and im pretty sure she may like me but how do i ask her to be my girlfriend after a date or something?


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  • Why the rush?

    You're dating, having fun, hooking up and getting to know each other.

    She likes you and if you play your cards right SHE'LL be the one to ask to become official - the way it's meant to be.

    • True. So what would you say to do from here? Just keep going out with her. And i'm wondering how to hook up like that.

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    • And casually text her each im guessing. Maybe next time ill ask to go to movies.

    • Texts should ONLY be used to set up and confirm dates. You want to use whatever you would say in these "casual" texts during the dates. You need mystery man, don't play all your cards at once.

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  • Well, I would think this would require a number of dates. But when the time is right just ask her is she is still dating other men and tell her wou would like the relationship to be exclusive.


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  • Id be careful.. It seems abit early if this is the first or 2nd date. You either have to be 100% sure she wants a relationship with you or if she asks you what both of you are.