I feel like she is useing me. what should I do?

I make more then the average guy. The girl I am with seems like she wants to be with me so I could spend money on her, she never wants to just do something like take a walk in the park. She says to me "If you love me you would buy this for me. Don't you love me, I love you." It seems like she loves my money more then me. This hurts me. I just want a girl who loves me for me, and not for my money.
What should I say to her?


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  • Tell her that you can't buy it for her. I know it might be hard but just say you'd like to try something different or that you love her (only say this if you actually love her) but have been spending a lot of money on her and are gonna save money for right now. If she truly loves you she will stay with you. Sounds like she could just be in it for the money though, I'm sorry. Or she could very well like/love you but because she knows you are rich she is taking advantage of you. Either way it's not okay.

    • Thank you for the advice.

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  • Love has no price tag or money value.

    She is manipulating you into getting her what she wants.

    She sees you as a huge ATM machine.

    You need to stand up to her and decline her offers.
    Act as if taking her out is causing a financial strain, suggest doing simple things like going to the beach, park etc.

    If she continues to use those lines and can't bare to enjoy your company with $ being spent. Then this isn't the girl for you.

  • There is an easy way to tell if this is the case... stop giving her things. If she goes... be happy to be rid of her so easily and find a nice girl.

    • I guess I will have to talk to her. thank you.

  • I don't know what you could tell her if she cares more about how big your wallet is instead of your heart, there shouldn't even be an explanation as to why you're dumping her because she knows exactly what she was doing. If she gets pissed off or just wipes it off her shoulders its obvious she was using you.

    • I think I will talk to her before I brake up with her. Thank you for the advice.

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