Girlfriend's parents don't want her to be in a relationship? Need some help/insight?

Here's the details... Just recently Adrian, my girlfriend, and I had to stop seeing each other, and the reason being is her mom had no clue we were dating and she found my class ring in my girlfriend's car. We've been dating for about 6 weeks now before this happened, last week actually. Now she's in a lot of trouble with her mom and we can't talk to each other anymore. Tell me how this is supposed to make sense: she doesn't want her dating someone, and yet she wants me to walk her daughter, my girlfriend, to her car after we get off work (we both work together, that's how we met). Doesn't make any sense, I've told my mom about it, and she thinks that my girlfriend's mom might be using me in a sense, and thinks I should just start seeing someone else, which I really don't want to do. I just don't have the desire to meet and see anyone else, not since I've found Adrian, my girlfriend. What am I supposed to do? Really, really need some help...

Her and I haven't been able to talk for almost a week. The chances of us ever getting back together now are very slim...


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  • Her mother may yet calm down in a little while. Play it by ear for now - you don't have to start dating anyone new yet. I really don't know what's up about the walking her to her car thing after work though. That's super weird.

    • Yeah it's strange. Her mom doesn't want us dating, but still wants me to protect her on her way to her car after work... we both get off at 10pm, and there's this group of guys who show off their cars on the weekends that like to park in the same parking lot we do.

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    • Like... What? What are they doing? I don't understand!

    • I don't understand either. l really don't!

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