Girls, Ladies which physical characteristic do you find you want the most from a man?

Let me know what you prefer in men physically :
strait white teeth
physically fit

in what order and then if its just one thing vote below.

  • strait white teeth
    Vote A
  • tattoos
    Vote B
  • physically fit
    Vote C
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I'm a Girl
Men who are looking at this question take note, when it comes to physical qualities, ladies primarily want a guy fit... and with strait teeth... I am getting braces next month... watch out na... thanxs ladies


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  • A man who is a true man; an alpha male.

    1) Doesn't wear flat-billed hats.
    2) Doesn't wear saggy pants where his butt is hanging out
    3) Overall dresses in a manner that suggests he's mature and you can take him seriously
    4) I do appreciate tattoos... but not ones all over your face like you were in prison or something.
    5) I do appreciate beards... but only a true thick beard. Not something sparse. If it doesn't come in thick, don't bother Lol.
    6) Someone who is generally fit. They don't have to be a gym rat, but certainly should look like they care about their health.
    7) Good overall hygiene; I think white teeth is a good sign of hygiene.. or if anything, a sign you are mature enough to visit the dentist regularly.
    8) Someone who is motivated and pursues his goals. Women don't want to be swept off their feet by the burger flipper at McDonald's. We don't want to raise children with a bar tender.
    9) I know that not all of these are physical or on your list... but important characteristics go far beyond straight white teeth and tattoos.

    • Ha... butt crack jeans is a no no then...

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    • I suppose a "specific" way of stating a general idea, which is that most people seek partners who are responsible grown ups; and that those qualities are more important in the long-run than physical characteristics.

    • Yeah, but were just focused on physical with this forum, because most times looks gets dat booty in da door!

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What Girls Said 7

  • Tattoos
    Straight teeth
    In that order

  • Both a and c

  • I'm big on smiles and I love a guys with nice teeth. Reflects good personal hygiene which is a must.

  • If he was physically fit.

    • Yeah, nothing like having a fit partner to look at all day, it helps

  • Physically fit
    Straight white teeth
    Tattoos ( I don't care about tattoos)

  • I like really masculine man... so a nice shape it's a turn on.

  • All of the above are a serious bonus.

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