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I am going camping with my boyfriend. This is the first time I will have an overnight date with him. I am more outdoorsy than he is. We are camping in a camper. Is there anything I need to know? Is there anything I should expect?


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  • What do you mean? Date wise or campin wise?

    • Both

    • Is he experienced at camping? You will probably need a sleeping bag and basic hygiene stuff like soap and a toothbrush, unless you want to pick a twig off a tree for it (if you chew it it seperates the fibers make a halfway decent brush) I don't know about what he has in the camper since I generally rough it and use tents. Also how much you bring is directly proportional to how long you plan on being their. If your going hiking then you will want a cantine and good hiking boots, maybe bring mole skin incase of blisters. Definetly where jeans or at the very least long socks that you can pull up over your calfs while walking through brush to prevent poison ivy/oak/sumac. definetly make sure you have matches in a water proof case or a lighter, bug spray (if you want a natural alternative i've heard that thyme and rosemary help though I have never tried it myself). Usualy you can find a little tick remover kit at camping stores. A pocket knife is a must for basic utility purposes.

    • Though again this all depends on where your going, if your using a camper chances are you won't need even that much. Get more details from him. As for the date part, its generally a good idea to be prepared for the possibility of sex since you will be alone over night together and thats generally when things happen even if that was not the intent. Be yourself and have fun, after all he is with you for a reason, acting any other way wouldn't really make sense.

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