Did he try to get me jealous or no?

I work with a coworker (he works at different facility though) and I kinda have thing for him... or did. Long story short, there's a girl that works at our company that came in from out of town and I told him over telephone how she was there and he had a "eh" type attitude like he didn't care. But today we emailed back and forth and he came out of nowhere asking if she was still there which kinda shocked me since he never mentioned her before. I just told him yes and that's it. I'm pretty much moving on cuz that turned me off but not sure if he asked about her cuz he was really interested on knowing or asked about her to get reaction out of me. Does it sound like he's trying to get a rise out of me or no? Sorry I only been with 1 person since 16 and been single for a year so clueless. Honest answers pls so I can Learn =)


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  • Maybe he was a girl he went out on some dates with or likes him or she's an ex? and she's not letting go? due to him going "Eh?" he was rather shocked she turned up to his work, it seemed like a confused reaction than an attracted reaction and he's probably wonderfing how long she's been there for lol id be weirded out too, he appears to already know the girl so id go with my answer.

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