Does this sound like a bad idea?

Ok my biggest problem is that I live in a backward Asian country. No PDA no drinks in public not even a park plus no "good" girls are out after dark.
Anyway I met this guy online, he seems nice and I've met him twice. First time a walk, second time just a movie. Nothing at all happened physically both times.
We were just talking about having drinks together but I'm not allowed to be put after dark and nothing is opened before. He suggested getting a room n some beer cans instead.
I don't want to just hookup with him. If I go along with it will it give him the wrong idea?


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  • Yes. What do you think? Beer and a hotel room... forgive my directness but that translated to a drunken fuck.

    • Could it not be anything else at all?

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    • We went for a movie last time and things didn't go so well, things beyond our control. He seemed lost at the movies. I don't want to repeat.

    • well.. there are a lot of things to do aside from a hotel at night... your choice, of course.

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  • Seems like a bad idea, even if its not his intent alcohol and intimate settings generally lead to sex so I would avoid it if thats not what your looking for.


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