Ugh how do you get over someone who can't be in an exclusive intimate. Why do I still want him?

So this guy and I have been friends for a while, a few days ago I asked him out on a date. He responds " though I appreciate the affection, I must warn you that I might be a Terrible person". I asked for clarity and he responded "though I enjoy your company I cannot garentee a exclusive relationship" ughhhh why did I fall for a player!!! Help me


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  • That's the question I and every guy I know has been asking himself about girls like you my entire life. We always joke around that if we really want a woman to stick around, we had better learn to be jerks and cheat.

    • Oh brother

    • You can say, "Oh, brother". But, there's a lot of truth in it, isn't there? I have observed this phenomenon my entire life, and can't quite figure it out. I have always been a great guy, a real gentleman, faithful to a T, supportive, very loving, etc. and get cheated on and my heart crushed over and over. And over...

    • Your right, I personally love nice guys as well. I wonder what both men and women find attractive about jerks

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  • You should avoid him instead of trying to make him commit while he doesn't want to.

    • I agree. We are just on a friend level. Now