Am I just another option?

Here is my dilemma. I've been seeing a guy for 2 months now. We have not had sex yet, though we talked about it, and we are both really anticipating it. He is the one who decided that we should wait and not rush things. He also brought me home to meet his parents. They are both super sweet to me and both really like me. He also mentioned meeting my friends, I told him that of course he can meet my friends when the time comes. But he is also still dating other girls "casually" which it does not make me happy at all. I feel like I'm just another option? Now, everything looks like its going super smooth right? well here's where things kinda took a dive. Lately, and this has happened within that past couple days; he has been a little unresponsive with his text messages. I would text him and hours later he will text me back. This behavior happened twice in a row. Because he was being very unresposive and he did it more than once I brought it up to his attention and let him know that I'm not okay with that. His response was "sometimes things come up or are time sensitive and i dont have the luxury to respond to all my messages as i want to. By all means I'm not ignoring you, those are not my intentions." Well, I thought maybe I'll cut him some slack. I don't want my crazy to come out. Here's another thing that bothered me, and by all means let me know if I'm at fault for this. This past Sunday I texted him to ask him what is he up to, and he said he was at the fair. I proceded to ask if he's with friends and he say he's with "[Brooke] and her family" Who's Brooke you ask? Well, Brooke is his ex. That alone, plus all the times that he was so unresponsive, really pushed me over the edge and i lost my cool, letting my crazy out. Here's what I said to him after finding out he's spending a Sunday afternoon with his ex: "I'm having some trouble with myself and I need to space myself out for a couple of days. Right now anything can push me over the edge. Yesterday was the wors

ATTN: for some reason I don't see the entire post, here's the last part of it. *"Yesterday was the worst day of my life and today is not getting any better. I need some time to myself for now". His response to my text was "Understood, ttyl". Now, that made me very upset and sad at the same time. The only reason why I dropped him like a hot potato was to get my mind clear. Should I get a hold of him again or should in just drop him for good?


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  • I think you should contact him see where things go. You should voice your displeasure again, but if nothing changes then drop him because it sounds like you are second in line behind Brooke at the moment

  • Why are you so uoset that he is respecting your wishes and leaving you alone? He is not a mind reader if you want to see him TELL him you want to see him, not the exact opposite.

    As for your suspicions it sounds like in this case you are right. As it stands you are just an option. Of you really like him tell, him you wan to jave sex but only if you to are exclusive. Be direct and honest, dont tell him the exact oposite of what you want amd be upset when he listens.


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