Don't know what to think or do. Help?

I have been dating this guy for nearly 2 years. I love him and we have been through a lot. He currently can't get any work he just moved to the same town. All we are doing is fighting and fighting non stop. Dad informs me tonight that I need to break up with him and find someone better (I worded it much nicer than what he did). My boyfriend does everything for my dad. My dad would ask him to jump and my boyfriend would say how high. ( if you get what I mean)..
I'm just confused, upset and sick of fighting.
Anyone know of any tips to help us stop fighting as much or relaxation methods or something.
As well as help me get my head around with what dad said.


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  • I'd recommend just taking a break or something, i don't mean split up just a weekend away or something whichever you think will be best just you two or separate, looking for a job can be a really stressful time because he may think he's been lazy or sponging of you/family, just remind each other of what you've overcome so far and remember that you'll overcome this, if you feel a fight coming on don't fight back just relax try to ease the tension, say you want a drink or wanna go for a walk or something, i think instead of just accepting what your dad says you need to find out why he says that and also what's upsetting your boyfriend... just sit down and have a nice talk :)


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  • maybe you need to have some separate time to miss each other?


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  • All I can offer is this. Try to set up a meeting with both your dad and boyfriend. Get them to talk it out and let the other know what they are thinking. It's good to be honest with each other. Just because your dad and boyfriend are fighting I know it must be a strain on your relationship to. Maybe help your boyfriend with finding a job like send out flyers of his resume and try not to be too picky about it if it's his first job.

    For your relationship problems, if your allowed to, maybe go on a camping trip with him or spend a couple of days with him. Being in a relationship for a long time is amazing I commend you on that. Keep going strong. Your allowed to have a few ups and downs. It is common for people who have been in a relationship for a long time. Rekindle your bond and talk more with each other.

    Hope this helps.