I think I got this girl to like me. What do I do next?

I like this girl in my class. On Thursday I got up my nerve and went over and flirted with her. She seemed to like talking to me and started touching my arms and giggling and smiling a lot.

Today before class she was sitting outside. When I walked up to class she looked at me me and seemed nervous. I smiled at her, she smiled back. I walked over to her to say hi and she got up and hugged me. She's a shy girl and I never see her hug people so I thought she must like me. Then she seemed really into me when I talked to her and during class she kept glancing over at me all the time.

So I think she likes me. I like her. Should I just go ahead and ask her out or should I try to get to know her better? I actually haven't dated much so I don't have lots of experience.


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  • Don't "wait". You have broken the ice, now just spend time together, if you are worried about official "dates" scaring each other off just spend some alone time together during class times or in the breaks, those will slowly add up to being "mini-dates" and maybe you can bond over something you can do together (dinner, walk, hike, sport, movie at hers or yours etc.)

    Or just straight up ask her out to meet outside of class hours to hang out, keep it casual but make sure you keep small advances at her and get her to do the same, you want to slowly start getting intimate so don't hold back now when it's most important

    • no, that's terrible advice. I'm sorry, I've done that and all it did was place me firmly in the friend zone. Girls have their mentality shifted right away when you go on a date and actually acknowledge that it's a date. Hanging out after class is just that, hanging out. Going on a date is actually testing the waters to see if your two click enough romantically to be in a relationship.

    • Alright, I potentially expressed myself incorrectly. Terminology is terminiology but asking someone "do you want to go on a date with me?" vs. "would you like to grab a drink/coffee/dinner or [insert activity] with me?" I would always do the latter and I think you would too, no? The prior is far too much pressure, on the date you can playfully bring up how it's a date or if you are making advances on each other that is a clear indication of you not ending up in the friend zone unless you mess up big time.

      You asked if you should go and get to know her better or ask her out, my answer is always going to be: ask her out early before she realises you took too long.

      Years ago when I was in class i'd spend plenty time with girls but if I was interested in them I would immediately try and seek a connection outside, privately just us in a lounge, bar or activity instead of trying to slowly get there by talking to her at school daily.

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  • Yes, ask her out on a date. Have a date plan already as well as a backup date plan. Have all the details planed out beforehand, girls love that.

  • try and get to know her first.