If you, for no reason, just magically turned into a superhero, and your SO (real or imagined) a supervillian. Which hero/villians would you be?

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  • well why would you need *three* do-nothing buttons?
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  • do you smell carrots?
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  • omg, i entertain the bejesus out of myself! thanks for putting up with me, those of you that do 😄
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  • Spiderman/ Venom.

    • O that's brutal...

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    • Battleplan! We'll be waiting for him in his apartment having a tea party (child-sized furniture, and tiarras, and all... because it'll twist his ear to his shoulder...), and we'll double-team him for a second... but the nano-second he looks away from me I'll disappear and go grab one of our pre-detained hostages while you keep pummeling his face... sayyyyy... Aunt May? And I'll hang her by her hands from the chandelier or whatever overhead fixture is handy... And he'll have to take a time out to go keep her from falling and breaking all of her old-lady-bones... but we won't...

      And we'll just keep doing that (Mary Jane from a
      5th story, Alicia Fiske from a flagpole... though I think we'll have a little more trouble with Alicia... But anyway, we'll throw in a few randomes to pad the numbers...), you going solo for brief stints, while I situate hostages, and then double-teaming him while he rescues them...

      *Then*, when he's physically and mentally starting to come undone...

    • ... we prop up uncle Ben, and ventriloquist all kinds of eerie horrible shit, "you weren't there when I needed you", "after all me and aunt May did for you", "such a disappointment", "you should have died with your parents..." ... so by this point he's the psychological equivalent to a smoking wreck, and tenderized as if by a steam hammer besides... And we should readily be able to web his hands to his dingle-dangle (*giggles like a ten year old*..."dingle-dangle"), which he wouldn't *dare* tug on hard enough to break free, lest he rip it off... And then we beat him to death at our leisure...

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