Guys, can you decipher his actions?

I've known this guy for about a year, we met through work. He lives in a different town, about a 2 hour flight away. We talk everyday! Recently I went and visited him for a week to do some photography (we are both major enthusiasts in photography) There was major flirting going on and we acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were out, not holding hands or anything, but just being close with each other. We did have sex, only once. Most of the time we just cuddled and watched movies and enjoyed each other's company. When we out to a bar one night, I was hanging out with a friend I knew there and I caught him staring a few times... He would watch me walk around the room etc. we went to a water hole and play fought and splashed each other with water etc. and we basically would always tease each other... He would always grab my hands and hug me as well. When we went to the airport for my trip home, he hugged and kissed me in front of everyone. And waited there until my plane took off. He was so sweet the whole time. Now I'm back in my town, we still talk like normal, with a bit more lovey dovey stuff (if that makes sense) he will use "xo" or "x" at the end of messages and he calls me babe and if I seem down he always asks if I'm ok or if there's anything he can do. Sorry for the novel! I'm moving to his town soon (I grew up there) and am surprising him in about 2 weeks time when I go there again. Does it sound like he likes me?

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  • He's into you and very flirty it seems

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