Friend is seeing someone, but keeps saying she loves and misses me?

The girl I've had a crush on since forever is "kinda" seeing someone right now, but things have changed. She admitted that she had a crush me for the longest time and still does but never said anything. Now every time we talk she says "I love you" and when we text she always throws in how much she's misses me constantly. Am I over-analyzing this?

See, I'm bad when it comes to girls. So what do you guys/girls get from this? I was moving on, but with her saying this, it's hard to.


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  • Stand your ground. Tell her if she's going to be with someone else, to leave you alone. If she really loves you drop the other guy first. Girls like this make me wanna punch mirrors.

    • So true, I was pretty much over her. But you know once you crush on someone so hard it doesn't completely go away. I feel like she's just giving me false hope at this point.

      But yeah, I'll just move on.

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  • She wants to keep you around for confidence-boost and attention, while she dates other guys. Abort it.

    • Sounds about right, thanks.

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  • guess she's honest bout it... don\t see y should she lie?

    • Not saying that she's lying, I just find it odd how she's confessing everything now that she's seeing someone.

      Kinda sucks knowing that I had a chance, not sure if I still do. So confused.

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