How should I approach her?

There is this girl in my language class. I never noticed her in the past 4 lectures, but, last week I seated next to her. We took the lecture together, she asked me where I'm from I asked her general questions and class ended normally.
After the class I started to feel something for her although she never gave any signs. Yesterday was the 6th lecture and she was sitting one row behind me. She didn't say anything to me not even a hello or a wave. I was thinking maybe I am just another classfellow for her. I thought maybe I should take to her in the break, but, she left in the break excusing to the professor that she is not feeling well.
She is not extremely beautiful, but, she looks nice and innocent to me. I thought I should write her an email, but, then I stoped, thinking that maybe she's not into me or maybe she has a boyfriend already or maybe I am not pretty enough.
It's not the first time I liked someone, everytime I waste too much time on thinking and assuming random things before even get to talk to them.
Please help me on how should I proceed with her. Keep in mind my situation. I don't wanna lose another chance. Thanks!


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  • Just ask her out in the email!


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  • can u verify if she has a boyfriend at least?

    • How can I do it?

    • if she goes out wid da same guy constantly?

    • Check her FB if she has 'in relationship with...' Or other social media if she has pictures taken with the same guy, he maybe her boyfriend

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  • Don't assume, go ahead. Some girls like guys who'make the first move'

  • Try to strike up a conversation with her and try to find out what she likes/her interests. that'll be your "in", then ask her if she'd like to meet for coffee sometime. It doesn't hurt to ask... If she's says "no", then you'll know that maybe she's already has a boyfriend and she'll walk away feeling flattered anyway. Best of luck :)


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