Girls, crush's friends I've never met officially, call out my name and ask me? girls please I beg you to read the details?

So this girl in my class i'm crushing on, I'm not sure if she likes me back (we chat a lot) though,
She and her friends were together,
Her friends I've never been officially introduced and never had a conversation with, call my name and say What's up?
Does it mean she's been talking about me to em
She likes me back?
We've never been on a date!


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  • Sounds like she may have been talking about you, but she was probably mentioning you in a conversation. I wouldn't overthink it and say she likes you or doesn't, or her friend likes you. Just talk to her some more and figure it out over time. If she takes the time to mention you though, it could mean you're starting to become valuable as a friend/maybe more to her.

    • Valuable as a friend Hmm
      Thank you for your opinion :)

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  • Maybe she is interested too. The fact that her friends were calling you over maybe means she was talking to them about you! Definitely a positive β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Yeah I just wanted to have a girl's perspective :)
      Thank you

  • It just depends really on the person, but it's a possibility she can be talkin about u and well if u both text a lot she must really like u, but depends who texts first

    • We both text each other first,:)
      actually it's her usually

  • Sounds more like the friend likes you

    • Each and every one of em? πŸ˜…

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