Why did he react that way? What must I do now?

We were four mates in a circle of friends in university. I was a girl madly in love with a guy who proposed him. But he rejected me through rest of the friends initially. I daily used to text him, "I love you." more than seven times in a day. He never disliked me expressing feelings towards him but never said he likes me or loves me too. However I noticed him staring at me/observing me always in university. The second time when I proposed him myself, he rejected me saying that it's not possible. I asked him the reason, "I am beauiful, I am educated, I care for you, I always loved you, I was never dishonest to you, Never did I cheat you and I always helped you. Or do u like someone else? Even then you never liked me? you are refusing me? at least tell me the reason." He did not reply me back. I stayed in trauma for fifteen days and then few days back afer a lot of thinking & taking a difficult painful choice, I unfriend him from my Facebook Friend List. Afterwards within an hour, I got his message over messenger, "So I am unfriend! Good, Great, Excellent!" But I did not reply him back. I am still hurt. Did my action hurt him? I am emotionally very much torn and disturbed at the moment.


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  • He is not interested in being with you.
    Your action probably hurt him because he considered you a friend.


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