If your SO started to succumb to a previously undiagnosed genetic condition, do you believe you would/could support him/her 'till the end?

Say he/she was going to slowly devolve into a fleshy, boneless squid-thing, and from there begin to dissolve into soup. Could you (or *do* you) love your SO enough to help him/her through this time of unbelievable hardship?

Or is love not graduated, but instead black/white, true/false, and you either love him/her, and thusly you would pretty well *automatically* support him/her even through a losing battle with Squid Then Soup Disease (STSD), and the only other possibility is that you simply dont love them, period?

  • Thats not a thing! You made that up...
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  • The fuck did I just read?
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  • I smell carrots, do you smell carrots?
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  • I suppose love can be graduated. A yes/no I do/dont think i could support my/an SO through a terminal case of STSD (please comment)
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  • No, I think love is all or nothing, and if you did in fact love someone, then surely you would somehow find the strength to be there for him/her no matter what... (please comment)
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  • other (please comment)
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Just to clarify: I'm not asking if love is unconditional or does it hinge on anything... I'm asking if there are degrees/leves/graduants of live. Can you love someone to the x degree, and another person love someone else to y degree, and therefore can you love somebody, but just not "enough"?
*degrees/levels/gradients of love


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  • I think I would try to support him through whatever he was going through. It's really hard to see your entire life suddenly change. It's not something you can deal with overnight. Its a process and it can make a world of difference to have people on your side.


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  • You'd have to love someone an awful lot to support them through becoming soup.


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  • I had to pick B. But yes I could support my SO in the case of some terminal disease

  • No love isn't conditional, I'd stay till the end

  • "Till death do us part". Remember, or don't you? here: en.wikipedia.org/.../Book_of_Common_Prayer

    It's ot because we married without church, mass or prayer that we don't intent to help each other till the last moment.

  • i'd try 2 find a cure bout it i guess...

  • Men can; Women can't.

    • Women can't handle the emotional stress of being with someone with an illness, would think about how it was affecting her life on the back end of her concern for him, and would question how well he would be able to provide for her during the illness.

      Women are caretakers of children; Men are caretakers of children and women. There may be a handful of women who would and could, but I feel like I'm not far off saying the average woman would split. Women have a hard time supporting their military husband without cheating on him in the process, so.