Tell me your cute couple stories?


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  • i) he looks at you like the stars are in your eyes. you had just broken up with the one who broke you and he tells you he’s there whenever you want to talk. so you send him a message and you stay up till 4 a. m. talking about pain
    ii) you tell him your friend thinks you should be with him and he takes that as a sign to ask you out. you say no for fear of another broken heart
    iii) you talk to him every day for three months and he becomes your confidante. your sidekick. your best friend. he told you he was in love with you in April and you hug him and peck him on the lips and wear his shirts and tell him you love him as a friend.
    iv) you finally start to get over the one that broke your heart and he never falters and is still by your side and that day in the park when he sat by someone else you realise that you want him by your side forever
    v) your friend tells you they think that you will be together always because of the way that you glow when he walks in. and he goes away for less than a week and messages you telling you he’s having the time of his life and he wishes you were there to share it with him and you wake up one morning while he’s gone and realise you’re in love with him
    vi) another month passes and you’re perfect together. but you hurt him oh so badly and it’s not fair to him to put up with your shit anymore. and he ends it for a day until you turn up to his with no makeup and a sign that reads “if kisses were leaves i’d give you a forest”
    vii) when fall arrives and you’re starting fresh, miles away from your heart and its getting hard to be with him and you tell him want to be friends because its not as easy as it used to be. but when your 18th birthday arrives and he still messages you to tell you he loves you and you go out drinking and tell him that being friends is too hard when every time you see him you want to hold him in your arms
    viii) that December night when you lie in bed together crying because it shouldn’t be this hard and you shouldn’t fight so much but neither of you will give up because it will always be worth it
    ix) Christmas, valentines, Easter and his birthday all pass and you’re so in love with him and you tell him every day but you’re not sure he knows. you feel his love waning and the boy who once stayed on the phone to hear you sleep now can’t talk because his friend came in
    x) he kisses another girl at a gig and breaks up with you a week later because he can’t handle you anymore. and you knew it was coming but you can’t

    • This is so deep. Did it actually happened to you?

    • yeah we broke up a month ago

    • its meant to finish "but you can't help but wish he still saw the stars when he looked at you"

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  • I spent my late teens writing cute couple stories, mainly because I never had any.

  • Yeah, I don't have those.

  • -I wake up
    Me: good morning my beautiful...
    BAM - She puntches me!
    Me: what the heck did yo do that for? What did I do?
    Her: you know exactly what!
    Me: no really, what did I do?
    Her: you kissed that girl at that party!
    Me: What? When?
    Her: in my dream I...
    Me: ...
    Her: OMG I'm so sorry baby!
    -She kisses me multiple times.
    I milk it and we do it that night! Oh yeah!


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