How to date a guy who has dating experience but you are dateless experience?

Or that will come naturally and I just have to be me and see what things lead even if have 0 0 experience in the dating department?


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  • Well if you have female friends with dating experience seek their advice. Also if you have long time guy friends they may help. At some point you might just need to let him know this is a bit new to you or he will be confused about certain things. Geez it is hard but the only thing to really do is throw yourself into the pool, be wise, move slow and learn through trial and error. Keep an eye out for yourself. Most guys that play the field have set patterns and if you are paying attention you will recognize immediately that this is kind of something he has done on a regular basis and isn't special to you. They have a certain 1st, 2nd 3 rd date routine and anything routine kind of comes off that way.

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