Guys, why do you disappear when things are going good, but still act interested and happy to talk to us when we text you?

He disappeared for 3 days while I was on vacation. I text him casually and we texted back and forth a few times, but I didn't reply to his last text because I just feel like something is off. Before the 3 days of no talking, he had kept in contact every day. What's going on? He still answered my texts really fast and seemed happy to talk to me. Why disappear and not answer my reply when he's the type person to say "sorry" when he takes a long time to respond? I'm so confused and feel ashamed that I even text him yesterday. Maybe he just wants to be left alone?


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  • Because securing the pussy is mission complete. Must move on and secure more pussy.

    • He never got the pussy. Lol.

    • Sex isn't the pussy, interest is the pussy, that's the point. Secure the interest, not the sex, because sex can be one-off but interest usually means a steady stream of sex.

  • That's not a guy thing. Some people are just like that. Some guys are but most aren't