Doing pizza and a movie for a date?

Its our fifth date tomorrow night I offered plans of pizza and a movie. Now I was kinda just planning on grabing some frozen pizza and doing the pizza and the movie at her place, but she responded telling me "That sounds really good! I now have cable and internet so we could do a theater movie or a movie at home".

Is she thinking I was offering for a theater, and wants to do things at her place? Or is it the other way around? Just dropped 1500$ on car repairs and def can't afford to go out at the moment. Also if its the latterm should I take that as a good sign something sexual may happen? If she wants to stay at her place?


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  • she probably thought you meant go out and get pizza and go to a theater. but now that she has cable and internet, she'd be down to do a movie at home.
    and i have no idea what she's thinking or how she feels about you. she might wanna do something sexual? just don't expect it and bring protection in case lol.
    and buying a frozen pizza and some popcorn/snacks to hang at home would be a lot cheaper and probably more fun.

    • Yeah haha, car repairs kinda ran me into a hole, figured this would be the cheaper option.

    • yup, totally understandable haha :D

    • thank you for MH

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  • I think she's offering you the choice. Just twist it a little as if the idea only just occurred to you and be like 'that's a great idea, we'll have a romantic night in' or something. Honestly, pizza and a movie sounds like a great date to me.

  • Sounds like a fun date to me. :)

    I think she wants to do both theater and movie at home. You should tell her you can't afford to go out any where due to the car repairs. Though y'all can still do the at her place thing.


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  • She suggested going to her place, so go to her place?

  • I don't think you should expect anything but go prepared.

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