Women of gag, do you love the blessed conditions women (at least in developed countries) have nowadays?

You know having a career, holding positions of power, wealth, etc, and never having to compromise on dating equality and responsibilities unless you want to? Do you like the fact that if you don't approach , ask out pay for the date, etc that it won't really hurt your dating chances like it would guys?


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  • Yes i like having a career, holding positions of power (i guess, but i don't really think of it that way, i think of it more as a responsibility to the people who work with me to help and lead them... but whatever), wealth is awesome who doesn't like being independent:)
    If i didn't approach i wouldn't get dates, if i didn't put myself out there i would be sitting at the bar alone. I'm one of the regular people (not a supermodel) and i find that most guys are shy and only approach when they are really drunk or think you are. So if i don't smile and say hi, then i'm not getting anywhere. In general also i find that the complacency of not approaching means that it's generally the guys who would hit on a monkey if it was wearing a dress are the only ones who actually approach. And while the approach thing can be scary as hell, the asking out part i find pretty easy. I'm pretty good at reading body language and stuff so i can generally tell if a guy seems into me, and then it's just like hey we should go out and do whatever we were just talking about having in common sometime, it would be fun can i get your number and we'll set it up? That's so easy:) Like i wouldn't ask out someone who i wasn't getting along with or flowing with in conversation. That being said it's also great when guys suggest stuff to do too, but sometimes i don't know maybe i've just been programmed to think this way but i always feel like guys just want to do stuff with you so they can ultimately get in your pants. Which is a little depressing sometimes.
    The pay thing is great for some, but i will always pay for myself. I don't like the feeling of owing a stranger something. But really i think while i am exceptionally lucky being a white woman in a western country, not all women are this lucky. I mean there is still a lot of injustice towards women in other parts of the world and so i don't feel comfortable denying the existence of it and saying everything is great now. It still makes me really sad at what happens to a lot of women in the world.
    I myself however do feel really blessed.


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  • Yes, I think finally breaking away from Cult of domesticity, for women is a huge deal. To be independent and to work and be able to do things where in some situations, women don't get that we feel blessed, but in my opinion I think some women take that for granted.


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  • I can taste the bitterness!

    • You're eating lemons or something?

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    • Just asking a question. Not my fault people get all defensive.

    • You can play dumb but I don't buy it, the question is pretty loaded and conveys bitterness. I don't think skipping a question is defensive, if it ain't your brand of vodka.

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