If a guy says 'Let me make it up to you', should I let him, or judge by what he's willing to do?

Basically a few days ago he acted in a way which I found rude and uncaring. So naturally I stopped talking to him because I'm not a complete idiot. I do really like him but I want to be treated well
He messaged today and apologised and said let me make it up to you. I said how and he said I'll see.
I haven't replied since I think ill see what he says and if it's thoughtful enough for a second chance


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  • It doesn't matter what he does to make it up to you really because anybody can do 1 act. It's how he behaves from then on out. If he does this to make it up to you, it doesn't mean he's learned from his mistake and wants to improve, and it doesn't mean he hasn't learned. It's just what people do. I mean, look how many woman beaters take their girls out or do nice things when they aren't being horrible.

    There's nothing wrong with second chances I think, because we all make mistakes. You just can't judge on what he does to make it up to you, you can only judge on his future behaviour.

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