Why is it shallow?

Why is it shallow to not be attracted to women overweight I just don't find them attractive and I know there's other guys who would date her but when women ask you if you would date her and you say no you're then bombarded with insults which Is kind of amusing lol they make it seem like you called her mean things and made her feel bad about herself when in reality you did not say anything other than a simple No

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  • It isn't shallow but a lot of guys on here when they see a question about bigger girls don't just say they aren't attracted to them like any decent human being they continue to bad mouth them... that's the shallow part


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  • everyone has a preference

    • Exactly!!! But if I were to say that in public I would probably be lynched by women and be branded shallow

  • I don't think it's shallow at all.


What Guys Said 5

  • its not shallow it shows you have self respect

  • As long as you are not fat yourself.

  • because that is what shallow means, judging someone by their looks

    you're allowed a preference and its fine, but it IS shallow. its not an insult, just a fact

    • He isn't judging anyone, he's saying that he wouldn't date an overweight girl because of his preferences.

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    • No you said "judging someone by their looks", not " judging someone only by their looks", the difference is "only" or "overwhelmingly by", that's the difference between shallow and preferences.

    • @oracle12c wow thats almost autistic please nitpick some more over semantics

  • Sorry didn't mean to nitpick, but I do mean answers is in the details.

    The difference is, in putting overwhelmingly emphasis on something, being looks, height, physical features etc..

    Eating is good, overeating is not.

    Preference are fine, overwhelmingly emphasis on preference is shallow.

    • Very disappointing @OnionsNstuff, you blocked me for stating the obvious truth. You really need to grow some skin.

  • Research evolutionary psychology, there are valid biological reasons as to why excess fat isn't attractive.

    'Shallow' is just a shaming tactic used as an attempt to combat biological inclinations with societal conditioning. So the next time someone calls you shallow, understand that they're essentially attempting to manipulate you into second guessing your instinct, whether through ignorance or insecurity, that's all it is manipulation.

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