I am really tempted to, should I tell her?

I have fallen for this girl at my church. She is 18 and I am 20. From what I know of her she is great. The only problem is she goes to a different mass time than I do. We talked briefly last Sunday and I have talked to her a few times on Facebook. I just can't get her out of my head.
I feel like if I started going to the later mass (the one she goes to) it would weird her out a little. I am really tempted to tell her because not knowing is killing me inside. I'd rather find out the answer is no then to never find out and wonder for the rest of my life.

Is this a good idea? Should I tell her that I have a crush on her or should I keep it to myself?


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  • Why not ask her to hang out sometimes? I think telling her you have a crush on her is a bit drastic ( you barely (not for a long time) know her I guess based on what you wrote ). Get her number, talk on facebook and go on dates see where it goes.
    And I don't think going to the later mass is weird at all. Maybe it fits your schedule better, she won't think much of it.

    Good luck!


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  • Yea but don't say you have a crush just walk up to her confidently and say "I just wanted to say that you're gorgeous my name is ---- and wanted to know if you're interested in getting coffee/food/etc tomorrow "

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