Guys, should I reply to this text?

The guy I've been seeing about 2 months and a bit now has become a little distant the past week. Last time we saw each other was last Monday night and normally he'll message me most days and the others I'll message him and we see each other 2 times a week but I didn't hear from him until I reached out Wednesday night asking how he is and I didn't get a reply. Then a friend suggested I text again because he may have forgotten so Friday I messaged asking his plans for the weekend and he said sorry he has been really busy with work and his routine after work and then I replied and he didn't. Then Sunday I asked him if I had done something wrong and he said "no no you haven't :) I've had a crazy busy weekend, how was yours? My mother had cancer cut out so I've just been with her and the family". We spoke about it and I said I was sorry to hear and I hoped everyone was okay and he said she's okay it's been removed and she's fine now. He texted me yesterday asking how my day is. Today I texted him saying I hope to see him soon and he replied with "you will im just so busy atm.. Works fuckin hectic"
i ended up replying with "that's alright take your time x"

should i I have not replied? What that a bad idea?
I think I should wait for him to contact me from now on.. What do you think given the situation?


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  • He sounnds like he has been dealing with a lot lately, give him a few days u dont hearfrom him text him and say are u still alive?

    • Should I just give him space and not message until he messages me? I don't want to smother him but at the same time I don't want him to think I don't give a shit..
      Or do I let him wonder? I'm terrible at dating

    • Thanks for mho

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  • I think you should reply to this text.

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