What causes a man to do this?

It'll be our four year anniversary in July. We have a lot of past bullshit that I won't even elaborate on but for the past few months we haven't fought at all and overall, our relationship has been ten times stronger recently than it ever has been. He's been bringing me out on frequent dates, our sex life has improved, our communication has improved drastically. Well anyways, for the past week and a half he has isolated himself from me and the kids. Yes, we are married and have children. Overall we have been together 7 years. Now, lately he has been glued to his phone, constantly playing his SimCity. We have barely spoke, because when I initiate a conversation, he gets mad that I have interrupted his game and music. I'm a soft spoken woman. Even when we argue, I'm normally the one sitting there taking the blows with my mouth shut. I don't like fighting. So yesterday I finally got him away from his phone for five minutes and I told him I would like for him to spend more time with the kids and I. Because since he's been attached to this game he hasn't engaged into anything involving the kids or I. I had to practically drag him out of the house yesterday to go on a walk with me and our babies. Well anyways, upon finally telling him to please stop spending so much time on his phone, he got pissed and said I was "attacking him." Needless to say he tried getting all close to me this morning and wanted me to go do some stuff with him today. But honestly, why would you be glued to your phone playing some game 24/7 and then flip out on me when I ask you about it, just to turn around and try to engage me in activities? He does this all the time. I can't bring up anything I'm feeling without him jumping down my throat. Its like everything we have worked towards in the past month and a half is out the window. And no, I'm not going to leave him so save your breath. I love him to death, just need some understanding.


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  • I think he no longer wants to be a part of the family :(

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