I just don't understand everything and my brain is going crazy?

Me and the guy I am/was seeing have been happy & were going to make it official.
I saw him talking to a girl he has previously slept with who is dating his friend now & in my drunk state I made a comment about him not talking to her which made him angry because he hates to be controlled.
He now hasn't spoken to me for a week except to say that it wasn't the end of us & that he just needed some space.
But i don't know when he is ever going to talk to me again & i feel like it's over for him.
I just don't know how we can fix this or how he could say he wants to be with me but ignore me for a week?
Also i'm freaking out that he has been speaking to/hooking up with other girls this whole time he hasn't been talking.
Please help...


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  • he wants space its obvious


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  • He's probably taking some time of your relationship. Consider it a "break" phase. Does he text you back whenever you text him?