Should I just move on from this girl?

I really do like this girl. She is down to earth, funny, beautiful, and just knows how to have fun. She is so easy to talk to. Anyway we have hung out one on one before and I had fun. I want to ask her to hangout again but she hasn't responded to my last 2 snapchats. I like her the more talk to her and am around her. I just don't want to keep liking her. Do you think I should move on?


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  • You don't really know if she likes or doesn't like you. So you shouldn't move on from whatever you wanna move on from just yet. Talk to her, ask her out. Don't give up until you're 100% sure if she's into you or not. That's silly. You never know what may happen.

    • Ya it's a long story. I know she just dumped by someone she was dating two months ago. She starts to back away when I get close and the comes back again. I see her a lot so I just don't want things to be awkward.

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    • Thank you for your advive

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • if you don't want to keep liking her, it might be easier to stop being around her and move on. kinda sucks... but if thats whats easist for you then thats what you should do


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