Girls, how important is this and what should I do to escalate this further?

I have a friend I asked out, she first kind of said no then said ofcourse. After this it was a bit weird for a while. We used to get along fine, but now we are both kind of distant. She never used to talk about some other guy, but now she is using a dating site (she doesn't really take it serious, just for fun she said) and she is really shoving it in my face, so naturally I also did something a like and called a girl up next to her and made her know it was a girl subtly and went away. I'm also acting a bit "cooler" (not sure if it's the right word) but it feels like we are teasing eachother. We were ice-cold 2 days before and now after a day she touches my back, touches my face, stands next to me when I sit, like literally next to my face (connecting) even keeps her feet touching mine or playfull brushes them with hers. Now, I know i'm not the most handsome guy around (not too shaby), but I do have confidence in my ability to talk with girls and make them laugh. So I was wondering if I could make something out of this, like a fling or maybe a relationship.

And as a final question, how important are the looks? I dress nicely, I have a sense of humor and i'm also pretty well knowledged and mannered. I for one don't really care about it, but what do the girls think is important here?

Should I just keep this distance for a bit with her? (like pull and push kind of manner)


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  • I think you're doing a good job in attempting to win her interest.

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