Help interpreting whether he sees us as friends or more?

Recently met up with this guy I used to date a year ago who had said he wasn't ready for anything serious at that time, it went well but I'm not sure if it was just as friends or more. We didn't arrange another time to see each other but he said he'll 'probably see me again'?

Only been a couple of days since I saw him and we've texted a little bit, most recent conversation we spoke a lot, he flirted a tiny bit and got onto more personal things and he told me something he didn't want me telling anything else and he sent me a link to something he'd seen the other day and thought I'd enjoy, conversation ended with him saying speak soon.
Its a couple of days after and I haven't heard from him which I know it hasn't been long but I'm just wondering how do I play this? Like do I contact him to chat or should I let him initiate it? I'd prefer to do this as I don't know how I'd start it, help please! And does this sound friendly or like he's interested in more?


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  • Let him initiate it. It sounds friendly to me.


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  • who texted last then?
    also who initiates more often?

    • Him, it's always been him to initiate anything. I wanted something serious with him when I used to date him, so now I'm trying to play it really cool! Figure if guys want a girl he'll make the effort with them right?

    • it's yer turn then... he might believe u r not interested if u never initiate

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