Hey everyone !!! im confused with this situation my friends has?

so my friend the other day came to me for some advice which is cool im willing to help out anyway possible he's a friend i knew since we where toddlers; and yes we still are best friends he's a honest, loyal and positive so he's been a blessing in my life and me the same to him. so this is what he told me he's in love with a female who has been in a relationship for 2 years he's 24 she's 45 lol no problem number nor color determines love so yea he said he built up the courage to ask her out but backed down so i did it for him well the lady was blushing a lot I don't know lol and how she was flattered so yea for two weeks i notice the becoming closer and closer i caught them kissing passionately and they didn't care who saw so from what he told me she sleeps over at his apartment and but she from what he says annoys him because she shows him interest loves his voice he recorded her asking him to speak Spanish and she's black which is awesome i love seeing a interracial couple flourish into something great so he said she always brings up how her boyfriend doesn't do a lot for her and doesn't appreciate her like how my friend does and doesn't give her attention like my friend does and how she feels bad but she can't stop seeing my friend but she also doesn't want to hurt anybody and she's scared but how the boyfriend she has pushed her away to the point where she's making excuses for her to be with him but its not actually her wanting to but still wants to pursue sex kissing going out everything with my friend me honestly i didn't know what to tell him the story was crazy i only mentioned a little bit but i told him if he wants her let her boyfriend fuck up then continue where yal left off but if you can't wait let it go but he said its hard because they bonded so much together they have cooked baked hiked swam at night together like he mentioned a lot of what they did and he mentioned her boyfriend never takes her out and stuff what advice can you provide me to give him thank you have a great day

wait sorry i typed it to fast he's 28 and she's 44


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  • If he's that great she wouldn't have a hard time making a decision, better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all! My opinion she's got the best of both worlds and two guys competing over her... she's prolly either really basic or needs some time to get her shit straight.

    • i hear that but it seems like my friend is giving her a better experience then what she's getting from her boyfriend cause he's even taken her out complements her a lot she's she's special to him i can see it i just wish i can give him more advice

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    • Well, to be honest that's the first thing that needs to change start there.

    • ooooh ok i see cause if she wanted to be with him it be just but it isn't so there has to be something she's hiding lol I don't know man but ill try and let him know in a way were he dont think i hating of anything lol which is weird cause im with someone hot but thats not it the person im with loves the hell out of me lol so I don't know i just hope he doesn't take it the wrong way