Should I go to his house to 'chill'?

Me and my best friend have been dating for 2weeks. He's asked me to come over to his to hang and I don't mind having sex, which I think it will be but I'm scared to go to his actual house. We are both 17 and he said his dad is always away plus his mum works till 7 so she won't be in. However I'm scared incase I go and his mum or dad randomly comes in the house and sees me. Our relationship is still private plus, I know this might or might not matter but he's white and I'm black and I'm sacred of what his parents will think of me. Should I go to his house or just leave it?

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  • If you go don't have sex. Period.


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  • As much as it may be difficult and if privacy is a concern then more so, to coin a phrase you only live once.

    • I know and I'm trying to live by that phrase but I'm so scared just incase I get caught

    • I would suggest perhaps a little more time and maybe introductions personally, but honestly the worst thing that can happen is they will kick you out of the house which just shows bias and shortsightedness towards their sons happiness. As a dad, yeah I would prolly freak at first but hey at seventeen I had my own place so I had no worries for real! lol.

  • go... r his parents racist or sth?

    • I don't know. I don't think so but I know some parents around the world don't approve or really want mixed children in their blood line or family tree

    • blood line? LOL

      do those people live in middle-ages?

  • Dude if he's your best friend why would it matter if his parents saw you with him?

    • Because he's never brought a girl home and now we are more than friends plus I'm just scared of his parent's reaction to me

  • who cares what others think


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  • GO! You may find out more about him and if you really like him or not...