Hooked up with a guy friend, do I have a chance with him?

I was getting over a relationship when we hooked up and honestly I was kinda surprised (he looks like my dream guy, super hot *swoon*) but went with it. We talked about it after and we both didn't want anything to come of it (me because of the lingering feelings for my ex and him because we're both busy this summer). Now that I've had some space I have realized I like him and think we'd be great together. But since I had sex with him already has whatever interest he had in me disappeared? Would I just be kidding myself trying to go for him?


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  • Sounds like he got what he came for.

    • So a guy wouldn't look again at someone he already had sex with?

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    • I figured (though hoped not) that most guys would feel that way, oh well. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • Best of luck!

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  • Go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained

    • I suppose that's true. I think he's worth the risk. If he already wrote me off as "easy" then I guess he isn't worth antagonizing over...

    • Good reasoning

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  • I don't think you can turn it into a relationship. He already told you that he doesn't want anything serious to come out of it.