Trying to go after a bored girl , any suggestion on how to go about this ?

i meet her at her work , i get the feeling she might be bored with things although she appears happy with her life in general , her job isn't that interesting and she doesn't get a lot of days off , town we live in isn't that interesting , she posted some things to twitter that indicted she was bored and just wasting time on pinetrest. i get the feeling there is some boredom issues and maybe that is my in as they say to get closer to her.
but i'm not sure what to suggest and when i see her at work at lunch as she works at a restaurant i go to i'm not even sure if i come across as someone who'd be fun to spend time with? so i came up with some ideas to end her boredom. 1- a trip to the beach ( as i saw she had been there before ) , as a group maybe try and bring some of her friends if she didn't feel comfortable going with just me yet
2- is a popular country bar i have been to before on Saturday night and saw she liked country music. so might be an options
3- suggest she get a piercing or tattoo , she only had her ears pierced 3X on each so though maybe she could get something else and know a few of her gf's allready have tat's or belly pierced so maybe she'd like something

admit i'm not really sure about this or how to go about trying to get closer to her but feel i might be on right direction


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  • I think option 2 sounds good because it would ease the atmosphere.

    • I'd just have to get her there though? its in the next town over. there is also a bar in town she might go to? I'm not really sure she'd like it as much though as it doesn't play country more top 20 pop/dance

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    • I guess and aim for other bar later on when she is more comfortable

    • Yeah that could bond the friendship more

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  • Spike her drink with E.