Why is this? Will I like older men for ever?

So I had this huge crush on this guy who was older than me. He lived in my city and kept asking to meet up and now I know that he is a creep. Like he told me I was beautiful and I don't even know why I started liking him. It felt so weird maybe it's just teenage hormones. I'm still attracted to guys my age but why do I look at guys older than me more? When I'm older will I still like older guys or will it all even out. I HATE THIS.

My dating range is anywhere between 14-17. Im 15


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  • You hate it because you are too judgmental on yourself. You want to fit into the little box that society defines as acceptable behavior but the problem is you do not and it creates internal conflict. In fact a lot of what is deemed *unacceptable* goes in direct conflict with our base instincts.

    As to if its normal... yes absolutely. Once someone hits puberty and becomes sexually developed they can be attractive. It does not matter if they are a teenager or in their 20s or 30s, as long as they are still in their prime.

    A lot of the girls I have dated in the past few months have been 16/17 and I once dated a girl who was older than me. Yes a lot of people think its weird but im more concerned about doing what I want than appealing to the sensitivities of society

    • I agree with the first part but the dating 16/17 year old girls part makes you sound like a creep. Poor young girls.

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    • Yeah but still... Their brains are not developed enough to know what is wrong or right. And their brains are not developed enough to know the consequences of their actions.

    • What most people consider right and wrong are simply societal constructs. True morality is based on questions that relate to human (and animal) wellbeing. We don't feel any sense of moral obligation to rocks because they do not feel pain. So if two or more people chose to engage in a act that causes no harm to any third party then no immoral act was committed.

      Now, would manipulating or coercing a teenager into sex be wrong... absolutely but it would be wrong to do that to anyone regardless of age.

      Now, I don't know about you and your peer group but the teenagers I have dated knew about stds, pregnancy and the possibility of developing emotional attachment to your sexual partner (s). Most of them felt bad for people who where in pain, helped others when they could and felt remorse for their actions if they accidently hurt someone.

      So the girls I have been with did in fact know about possible consequences as well as the concept of right and wrong.

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  • It's common for girls to be more attracted to slightly older guys. 5 Years is still within normal range. Nothing wrong about it.

    • Are you sure? My freind makes me feel so weird about it

      She tells me they're too old.

    • I am very sure and it repeats over and over again. Biological reasons, etc. If you want to, I can explain it in more detail, but I am not sure if you are interested in that anyway.

      So instead just ask yourself this: How often do you see a girl with a guy 2-5 years older? And how often do you see it the different way around?

      Your friend might simply be worried that they use you. Aka just get sex and that's it.

  • how much older? 50+?

  • I assure you by the time you realize that forever is actually a single word you won't like older men.

  • when you say older, what age do you mean? just out of curiosity of course


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  • If you're attracted to guys in their 20s it is not that weird. As a matter of fact it is completely normal to develop feelings of lust for guys who are slightly older than you.
    No one knows whether your preferences will change or not in the future.

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