How would you progress? (read)?

known this girl since school and she knows a lot about me and i know a lot about her. we had not seen each other for 3 years then we meet up about 7 months ago and went for a meal and had a great time then i didn't see her for another 6 months saw her last week and we out and together we act like a couple and we ended up at a concert and she was always by my side and she is very caring waiting up until she gets the text that im home. but the problem is after that its like there's no contact for ages i text her but she takes hours to respond like i would get about 2 responds a day she does work in retail doing 40 hours a week at awkward times but its hard to have a convosation with her what would you do? plus i make plans with her and i ask her what she wants to do and she just agrees to what i want to do but i dont know whether she likes them or just does them because i ike doing them?


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