Wrong to be upset that she might be seeing another guy?

Not bf/gf yet. Though we did define our relationship a few days ago. She said she has been so hurt in the past that she doesn't want to just jump into something. So we are taking it slow, but we are close to being something without a title yet.
She has been talking to another guy, I don't know much beaide they met on Okcupid and she hasn't told me about him. Since she isn't my girlfriend yet, is it wrong for me to feel upset that she is talking to him as well?


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  • It is not wrong to feel anything. However, you never defined your relationship as exclusive, which means you are free to talk to/date other girls as well.


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  • No
    Just don't relay on this relationship to work
    Consider her as a friend.. and see where the things will go
    But don't tell. her you like, love her yet ok?

    • I mean we like kiss and stuff before saying goodbye. We dont see each other as just friends.. so I dont really want to do that lol.